The firm offers integrated, personalized, timely and decisive services. The professional structure is modern and dynamic, oriented to global legal services in support of business realities of all sizes, for civil, statutory and contractual profiles, in the areas of real estate law, civil liability law, employment law and in the environmental and criminal aspects related to the exercise of the economic activity. The founders have over thirty years years experience, both nationally and internationally, in the field of family and succession law and civil liability. The activity of global consultancy to companies has allowed the firm to support the office of Rome, with those of Milan and Zibido San Giacomo, an industrial area in the interland of Milan, to promote direct operation in a geographical context with a significant business presence. The firm counts among its clients companies and professional realities of national and international dimensions, among others, in the areas of services, commerce, architecture, publishing, high-tech manufacturing industry, distribution of petroleum products, real estate management and waste treatment.


In 1991 the lawyer Alfonsina De Rosa founded the firm.


In 2006 the collaboration with Avv. Antonio Costa that flows into the De Rosa & Costa Professional Association.


In 2008 the Milan office was opened


In 2016 the office of Zibido San Giacomo opens.
In 2017 the office of Pero (Milan) opens.


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